Ladprao Room 225 Sq.m.

Impress and create effective communication with a warm, friendly atmosphere like Professionals.

The largest meeting room in d-house ladprao residence, with a total area of over 225 square meters, can accommodate up to 168 attendees with complete facilities. Convenient to travel by subway. Close to Ratchadaphisek road and Ladprao road

Room Styling & Formatting


Buffet Style

width 14 x length 17 metres
High Capacity 100 persons


Classroom Style

width 14 x length 17 metres
High Capacity 96 persons


Theatre Style

width 14 x length 17 metres
High Capacity 168 persons


U-shape Style

width 14 x length 17 metres
High Capacity 70 persons

Our Brand Customers


  • The price includes room fees, water fees, electricity fees and available furniture, including tables, chairs, stereos.
    Small podium, stage, and projector set
  • In case of using the room more than the specified hour (more than 15 minutes, equivalent to 1 hour), additional 700 baht per hour/li>
  • In the event that the tenant wishes to provide additional facilities in addition to the services provided in the project There will be an additional charge.
  • In the event that the company finds that the tenant uses the wrong location, time type or agreement made with the company Or is a violation of the rights of tenants within the project The company reserves the right to clarify the changes. And if not updated The company can consider canceling the rental immediately without having to refund.
  • Refund of damage insurance The company will return within 1 week to check the order of rooms and buildings. If no damage is found
  • If the item is damaged Or damage The company will evaluate the price and notify the tenants.
  • The above prices include VAT.