corona virus 2020 prevention measure

Measures to prevent the spread of pneumonia from Covit-19 Virus

From the outbreak of pneumonia from Covit-19 virus spread to many countries. And Department of Disease Control. The Ministry of Public Health has declared a dangerous communicable disease under the Communicable Disease Act 2015.

The management of D-haus Ladprao Residence has issued surveillance measures for the epidemic of Covit-19 for the following purposes.

1. Requiring staff and workers Must wear a mask while working.
2. Prepare hand soap in the shared bathroom. And increase the frequency of cleaning at touch points and equipment used in public areas such as door handles, push buttons, lifts, railings.
3. Screening for new guests and families must not have a history of traveling back or through risky countries such as China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Vietnam, Malaysia, France and Germany.
4. No new foreign guests are accepted in all cases. Until the situation is normal.
5. In the case of people living in the project Who has returned from abroad. Requesting cooperation to notify the building management immediately. To watch Noticed that coughing, sneezing, fever or not in the room for 14 days and must use a mask every time you come out in the common area Including immediately seeing a doctor with abnormal symptoms (By contacting the Building Management or the Department of Communicable Disease Control number 1422)
6. Building Management And a diving school Will screen customers from outside who come to use the pool Must not be placed at risk. In case of doubt Will not be allowed to use the pool service.

Building Management
12 March 2020

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