Room 37 Sq.m.

D-Haus Ladprao Residence’s room is shady atmosphere and easy access from both Ladprao Road and Ratchada Road. It has a relaxing corner in the middle of nature, peaceful atmosphere suitable for those who want to truly relax.
  • Water rate: According to the rate paid for the water supply. Approximately 18-19 baht per unit
  • Electricity rate: According to the rate paid to the electricity authority. Approximately 4 – 5 baht per unit
  • Common Fee : None
  • Internet Rate: Free for the duration of the Wi-Fi Fix Speed ​​10M./5M. Contract, 1 User
  • Parking fee: 500 baht per month
  • Cable TV: 90 free channels

Room Facilities

Rules & Regulations for Rooms

  • Prohibit the tenant to bring the gas stove Fuels and flammable materials used in rooms Or inside the building
  • The tenant is not allowed to use the room as a business facility. A party, celebration, any party or gambling of any kind in the room Or keep illegal, dangerous chemical substances
  • Residents or any other persons are prohibited to use drugs of any kind, drink alcohol, quarrel or make loud noises that disturb other tenants.
  • Do not make loud noises Or turn on the audio of the radio and TV until disturbing others
  • Do not bring pets into the room. Or inside this building
  • Do not throw sanitary napkins or hard-to-degrade things in the toilet. Or sewerage If a blockage occurs and the technician needs to fix it Tenants will have to pay a fine of 3,000 baht per point.
  • Do not iron on the mattress
  • Please help to maintain cleanliness in the rooms around the area. And, do not place shoes and any items in front of the room
  • Do not put garbage bags in front of the room. Plus, along the stairs By throwing it in the trash which has been provided for And keep the room clean
  • Please do not splatter or discard the waste paper. Or garbage in front of the room or behind the balcony
  • Do not hammer nails or glue on 2 sides on walls, walls and doors.
  • The rental payment schedule is scheduled between the 1st and 7th of the month. If the amount is exceeded, the penalty will be charged.
  • Room rentals are scheduled for a minimum of 6 months or as agreed. If the tenant has not completed 6 months or does not complete the agreement, we reserve the right to comply with company regulations.
  • Only a maximum of 2 people can be allowed to stay in the rooms listed in the rental agreement, if wanting to stay longer than the amount specified in the contract. Please contact the staff
  • If the tenant wishes to take a relatives or friends into the room. Please contact staff
  • In the case of lost room keys ,or forget the keys in the room Please contact staff
  • The renter must inform the room owner 30 days prior to the expiration of the rental contract.
  • When the tenant moves out Will have to collect garbage and clean the room properly The equipment of the renter in the room and the bathroom must be complete. And can be used normally If damage occurs, the renter must pay for the equipment. Including service fees to install the said equipment (if any)

Rules & Regulations for Swimming Pool

  • Customers using the swimming pool wear swimwear only. Outsiders that use the pool service There is a charge as per attachment 4.
  • Customers staying at d-haus are allowed to use the swimming pool for free, as specified in the rental contract, not more than 2 people / room only. In addition, there will be a fee according to the building’s regulations.
  • Do not bring drinks and food into the pool area.
  • The swimming pool is open – closed from 07:00 – 20:30 hrs.